The Program

In partnership with PayPal, Village Capital, and MiddleGame Ventures, 

RegTechLab is sponsoring a FinTech/RegTech Accelerator in Europe beginning in April 2018. Learn more here

Workshop 3:


June 11 – 14 

Workshop 1:


April 16-19

Workshop 2:


May 14-17


  • Focus on Market Validation, Business Model, Product

  • Integration with the ITC Spring Europe Conference

  • Focus on Team, Vision/Problem, and Value Proposition

  • Investor feedback on customer validation to date and hypotheses that require more validation​

Our RegTech Accelerator focuses on better navigating the global regulatory landscape, developing product/market fit, and completing an actual test against an agreed use case

  • Focus on Product-Market Fit, Scale, Growth/Exit

  • Investor Meetings and Mock Board Meetings

The Benefits

For Startups
  • Network Building: Selected startups will participate in tailored engagements with key statkeholders, strategic partners and investors, as well as work deeply with relevant peers. Our process has been completed over 50 times, is proven to build more successful companies, and is recommended by 96% of our 500 alumni. At the end of the program, the top selected ventures will be eligible to receive $100,000 USD investment in from MiddleGame Ventures.

  • Partnership Development: Fintech startups often rely on partnerships with large institutions, like banks, retailers, and other distributors to achieve scale. We will streamline this process, helping startups connect with decision-makers at large institutions that are seeking solutions around financial health. We will do this through:

  • Pre-committed Advisory Board members and ecosystem allies who are looking to partner with Vilcap companies

  • Business Development sessions that bring in over 100 potential customers, partners, and stakeholders including experts